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Gujarati Garba


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Rani Ki Vav Part-II

Nice I like to attach some more photos of Rani Ki Vav.. You can see more photos on :

Amazing che ne apanu (Patan nu) ran ki vav.


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Patan – Rani Ki VAV

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Hello Patan!

Patan is an ancient fortified town, situated on the banks of the sacred Saraswati river. Vanraj Chavda, founded it in 746 AD and Patan enjoyed a privileged status of capital of Gujarat, for about 600 years from 746 AD to 1411 AD. The major Rajput clans of Chavadas (746-942 AD), Solankis (942-1244 AD) and Vaghelas (1244-1304 AD) ruled Gujarat from Patan.